Jumanji (ppt)


I made this Jumanji Board game for after their movie day during summer camp. Students had watched Jumanji with the Korean teachers in the gym during the morning session. The students were shocked and surprised as soon as they saw it when they came into the classroom.


It follows similar rules to the movie board game and instead of the center globe lighting up and giving you a riddle to solve, the students pick an adventure card with various questions or tasks to do in order to move forward.


I also made a Jumanji powerpoint game for the class which you can find on my ESLdoodle games section.


The following day students were put into teams and given the task to design their own board games. I then gave each team time to test the other teams game and we had a vote on the best idea and most fun game.

Snow White Bomb Game (ppt)

I love Disney so I made this powerpoint bomb game with a short animated sequence using animated gifs. Students pick apples and answer questions. Team with the most points at the end wins. This is also a 'chance' game so the strongest student is not guaranteed of winning.


Wizard Of Oz (ppt)


I made this generic game so it can be used in any class for reviewing a unit. There are two teams. Each team picks a character path. The teacher will ask a question. If they get it correct they can pick a brick. If the brick turns yellow then they can pick another brick that is connected to the yellow brick. If they get another yellow brick they pick again, if it doesn't turn yellow then the teacher asks the teams another question. The winning team are the first to make the yellow brick road to the Emerald city.


Easter Hunt


I made this editable powerpoint 'chance' bomb game for Easter using the same rules as the snow white chance game.


Doctor Who Game


I made this Doctor Who game as I wanted to introduce the students to one of my favorite TV shows. The game is quite easy to play and explain.


All the board pieces are laid randomly out in a path on the board. Each team picks a character from the TV show they will be. I printed and laminated a few different doctors and assistants to give the class options.


If a player lands on a weeping angel head then they must take a word or sentence from the word box and put it into the past tense (Weeping Angels send you back into the past.)


If a player lands on a cyber man head then they must take a word/sentence from the word box and put it into the future tense (Cyber men are from the future).


If they land on a Tardis then they pick a doctor who card and do as it says.


Every time a player moves on the board the teacher moves a Weeping Angel forward one space.


The aim of the game is to be the first person to get to the real Tardis at the end. If you are touched by the creeping Weeping Angel you must go back to the start.

Penguin Race

Students are put into teams. One member of each team plays rock, scissors, paper. If the winner wins by rock they move their penguin forward one iceberg, win by paper then they move forward two icebergs and win my scissors they move forward three ice bergs.


Behind each iceberg is a task, a forfeit or a question and some also have killer whales. If the penguin lands on a killer whale ice berg then they must go back to the start.


To keep their team safe from killer whales or having to do forfeits they can submit a fish. Any team member can get a fish by sacrificing their forward moves when they win rock, paper, scissors. If they choose to take a fish instead then they must pick a fish and role the dice to match the number at the back of the fish. If they match it, then they keep the fish, if they don't match it then they do not get a fish. Some fish have no number on the back and so they can take for free.


The aim of the game is to get to the end of the icebergs.


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