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About The Teacher Until I started teaching I didn't think I was following a clear career path. I went from animation to acting to graphic design and then found myself teaching in South Korea. I realized that animation and graphic design allowed me to create interesting games and worksheets, while my acting experience and theater management skills gave me the confidence in front of a room full of people. Everything I have learned prior to teaching has fallen into place during my time as a teacher. Teaching Method My time as a teacher in South Korea has been a varied one. I have worked in two schools side by side. In one school I consistently had a co-teacher for two days of the week and for the remainder three days of the week I worked at an English center without a co-teacher. Having a co-teacher in the beginning was a huge help, especially since it was my first full time teaching job and my first time teaching children. I was able to watch and learn from my co-teacher and then use those skills and techniques I saw that worked on my own classes at the English center. I learned that pacing a class well was much more important than trying to push too much information on the students.
Teaching in Korea A great place to teach while saving and trying out Asian culture without being totally immersed in it. Korea is very westernized and it is easy to forget you are not in the western world at times. Most schools will give you a co-teacher or a host teacher who can help you with setting up a bank account and settling in to your free apartment when you arrive. Yes, most schools will give you small but comfortable rent free single apartments near the school. If you have some self awareness, are respectful and friendly and can leave any ego back at the airport then you will have a great time teaching in Korea. Advice If you decide to come to Korea to teach then make that your main priority. It is the job that is keeping you in your rent free apartment and allowing you to stay in the country. If you mainly want to travel and party and just see your job as a ticket to do that then your time in Korea will be short and troublesome. Korean teachers take their jobs seriously and everyone watches everyone. As a foreigner you are instantly at a disadvantage so you need to earn their respect. All you need to be is hard working, positive and respectful. These traits can win anyone over in Korea and you will have an easy and fun experience with your Korean teachers. Remember that you need these people for help more than they need you.



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